City & Guilds Qualifications in Bookbinding

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What is City & Guilds ?

City & Guilds is one of the oldest vocational education organisations in the UK and the only body to offer internationally recognised qualifcations in Craft bookbinding.

For over a century professional bookbinders have undergone training based on a City & Guilds curriculum.  Over time the syllabus had adjusted to industry changes and in 2012 Shepherds was instrumental in revising the Craft Bookbinding qualifications to meet modern requirements.
Why are City & Guilds qualifications important ?

By linking our courses to a City & Guilds curriculum we are offering a universally recognised set of qualifications and standards.  Shepherds do not make it a requirement for students to register for City & Guilds qualifications when undertaking a course but those who gain a City & Guilds qualification will have the satisfaction of achieving an independantly assessed level of competence. 

For Art and Design students, a City & Guilds qualification is a worthwhile addition to a CV.                                                                   
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What courses do we offer ?
Shepherds offer Level 1 and Level 2 Bookbinding qualifications and from 2018 we introduced the Level 3 Diploma in Craft Bookbinding that embraces the full range of binding techniqus at the highest level.  See details below:
Level 1 image LEVEL 1 - Award in Bookbinding
(Units 118 & 119)

Level 1 is designed for complete beginners, Unit 118 teaches the basic principles of bookbinding and gives a thorough grounding in the use of materials and basic hand-tools.

In Unit 119 the student learns how to design and make two types of photograph album, one with folded guards and the other with stiff boards.  The course also teaches how to make a simple slipcase.
More ....
LEVEL 2 - Certificate in Bookbinding
(Units 220 & 221)

The second level continues to develop hard-skills, adding more complex techniques to the learning programme. It is suitable for those with some previous experience of bookbinding.

Unit 220 introduces leather as a binding material and teaches how to make a book with a quarter case leather binding. 
Unit 221 teaches alternative binding styles and includes constructing a book in a 'Coptic Style' binding with an exposed sewing structure
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Design Unit image  
Design & Sampling Unit - Exploring Design Ideas

(Unit 201/202)
Students applying for City & Guilds Level 2 Qualifications in Craft Bookbinding are required to demonstrate design skills by producing a portfolio of design and sampling ideas.

The basic principles of design and colour theory are covered in a three-day Craft Design course.  The course includes creating a design porfolio that uses common craft materials to create textures and simple patterns.  It also involves research into historical and modern binding styles.
We recognise some students will already have experience and qualifications in the visual arts and may not be required to undertake this Unit.  However to qualify for an Award, Certificate or Diploma students must provide a portfolio of design ideas that fulfil this important aspect of the curriculum.  More...

LEVEL 3 - Diploma in Bookbinding

The Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma is a relatively new qualification which was devised to complement the Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship Scheme.

The Level 3 is a wider ranging and more challenging than the first two levels and covers a broad range of bookbinding skills which will enable a succesful candidate to work in a commercial or institutional bindery. 
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Certificate Image   How do I apply and how much does it cost?

Students who wish to apply for a City & Guilds Award, Certificate or Diploma in Bookbinding should let us know when booking a course with Shepherds.  Registration is through Shepherds as an Approved Centre.
Email Wendy Lagden for more information:

City & Guilds registration fees currently are as follows:
Level 1 Award in Craft Bookbinding (Units 118 & 119) -
Level 2 Certificate in Craft Bookbinding (Units 220, 221 & 201/202) - 86.00
Level 3 Diploma in Craft Bookbinding - 200.00

Shepherds Charge 95.00 for Level 1 and Level  Assessments.  The charge for a Level 3 Assessment is 250.00. Taking a Level 3 Diploma with Shepherds would cost in the region of 3-4,500.00 including Registration, Assessment Fees and the cost of at least two optional Assignment courses and VAT.