Solander box in red buckram bookcloth and lined with acid-free board.

Why is this box called a Solander box?

Tony Webber  Specialist box-maker 

The Solander Box is the most practical way to store and protect artwork, rare books and manuscripts.

Boxes are made entirely by hand in a wide choice of materials.  They are normally lined with an archival barrier board, ensuring a dust-free and acid-free environment.

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  The spines of three leather boxes in a variety of finishes, S&S 2005

Boxes can be made to look exactly like books. They can be full, half or quarter bound.

They can have flat spines or round spines with raised bands and can be titled and decorated in gold leaf.

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Quarter leather Solander box, S&S 2005


Box containing archival polyester sleeves

What are polyester sleeves?

    Brass Post Mechanism

Boxes can be fitted with a hidden brass post mechanism to hold archival polyester sleeves.

The polyester sleeves are turned like the pages of a book, ideal for the safe handling and displaying of delicate material. The mechanism is hidden from view but the posts can be unscrewed to allow the removal and addition of new sleeves.

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  Solander box with design in multi-coloured leather onlays

Many of our most creative designs can be found on our boxes.  The value of keeping books in their original condition often makes boxes the preferred option to rebinding.

See our Catalogue for some more examples of fine boxes.

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A selection of full leather Solander boxes


Behind: Portfolio in dark green buckram bookcloth with a red morocco label

Front: Portfolio with a leather spine and buckram bookcloth boards

  Cloth portfolios showing the inside three flaps


Portfolios make an economical alternative to Solander Boxes.

They are lighter than boxes and therefore suitable for housing larger items.  They have three inside flaps and are generally lined in an acid-free paper. They are tied at the foredge with ribbons and in the case larger portfolios, there are extra ribbons at the top and bottom.


Roght: Clth square fronted slipcase

Middle: Leather entry cloth slipcase with rounded opening

Left: Double leather entry slipcase with rounded opening and pull ribbon

Leather entry slipcase with cloth sides and square opening

Slipcases protect books and help keep volumes upright on the shelves. 

They can be made in paper, cloth, or leather and combinations of these materials.  Leather entry slipcases with a curved chamfered opening adds great style to a finished binding.

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